Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The mind of a child

So, I've been kind of out of commission with a cold this week, but had to share a funny from yesterday. Ethan was playing baseball on the Wii. He pushed the pause button, and the game said, "Time Out!" From my office, I heard him get upset and run out of the room. When I went to find him, he was sitting in his time out chair, very upset! I couldn't help but laugh and though I tried to explain that "Time Out" means pause in baseball, he hasn't played the game since.

Ethan is all signed up for PeeWee Baseball and he is so excited! He loves playing with the plastic T-ball set he got for his birthday (Thanks Jan & Cookie!) and wants to play with other kids. Casey and Jon got him a ball and glove for his birthday, which he is patient waiting to use until practice starts April 30.

On a knitting note, I've started my first pair of socks. I'm trying to be better about working more, which means less knitting time but it calls to me!

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