Sunday, April 13, 2008

Great Weekend!

This was a great weekend. I finished my first sock! It is a bit pointy at the toe, but it fits. Hopefully, I can learn how to fix the toe issue for the second sock, which I have to get started on right away or I'll lose interest.

This weekend, Ethan was at his dad's. Saturday was a beautiful day, so Cliff & I went hiking. We hiked up Sugarloaf Mountain, only about a mile each way, but it was just steep enough that we got a good workout. Here's a photo Cliff took of me at the top:

After our hike up Sugarloaf, we decided to drive to Deming. Apparently Ed had oysters. When we got there, Ed was nowhere to be found, but I did get to meet Cliff's aunt and uncle and see where he grew up. Now, when Cliff said his uncle grew blueberries... I thought he meant he had a couple bushes in his garden but no, he grows them commercially. There were acres and acres of blueberry bushes! We walked down to the river, and I got a couple of photos of Mt. Baker. On our return from the river, we picked mushrooms! I've never picked wild mushrooms (Morels) before but Cliff apparently used to pick them with his mom. They are at his house, waiting to be cooked up.

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  1. WOW! Love the pictures! you are lucky to have such a view to enjoy