Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Talk about Karma, I complained that I have nothing to write about on my blog, and the world gives me something.

Last night I decided to go ahead and take the wood paneling out of my family room. The pieces were not unmanageable for one person, though they were a bit big. As I was taking the paneling out to the garage, I misstepped, slipped, or something, heard a “pop,” and next thing I knew I was lying in the sidewalk and my shoe was on the top step of my porch.

My first thought is that I broke my ankle. I crawled into the house and made it to the couch. I had to have Ethan bring me my phone and an ice pack. I called my mom and Cliff, who both rushed right over. Mom took Ethan to her house while Cliff took me to the emergency room. Turns out it isn’t broken, but I sprained it pretty good. I’m not allowed to bear weight on it for two days, but after that it should be no big deal… Hopefully.

It is my right ankle so I can work, but I can’t drive. Why did I have to choose a profession where an injury could make working nearly impossible?

I suspect I'll get a lot of knitting done this week since I won't be going much of anywhere...

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