Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I've been busy freezing, canning, and otherwise preserving the bounty of our garden. I've frozen blueberries, raspberries, corn, grated zucchini, and the baked goods that resulted of grated zucchini such as chocolate zucchini muffins and zucchini bread. I've pickled jalapenos and green beans. Now, its tomato time! I started with raw-pack tomatoes because there isn't a recipe involved and I could work with the small quantities as they were ripening. Since then, I have also made a batch of salsa. This is what I brought home today:


I plan to make tomato sauce out of these this weekend. I actually had to go buy a case of new canning jars because I ran out. Normally I stock up at the thrift stores when it isn't canning time, because i get them for about 10 cents each. It has been years since I had to buy new jars.

There are still a LOT of tomatoes on the vine, so I need to decide what to make with them next.


  1. I'm going to have to have you over to help me get my garden going next year! I haven't been able to get a zucchini to grow in my garden and they are supposed to be easy! :) I did have a good tomato year though.

    Oh, I showed my mom your potato box and she made three! Have you harvested your potatoes yet?

  2. We did harvest our potato box last week. We were a bit disappointed as we had it 6 boards high and only 1 potato grew above the second board. We harvested enough potatoes for 1-2 meals plus some seed for next year. I think next year we'll cut it in half and have 2 shallower boxes.