Saturday, March 22, 2008


Usually, I save my baking energy for Christmastime, but in an effort to eat healthier and not go broke (it shouldn't have to cost more to eat better!) I have decided to make my own bread from time to time. Today it was French bread. I've made this particular recipe before; it works quite well and tastes yummy! Its actually from what should be the basic cookbook in EVERY home (IMO), the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. You know the one... it has the red gingham cover. My mom used this book frequently when we were growing up and now it is the first book I grab when looking for the basics. There are so many new, specialized, gourmet, and fancy cookbooks out there and I admit I own some of them, but this one has never let me down.

I enjoy baking a lot, but don't do it as much as I would like because someone (usually me) has to eat what I've baked. I'm hoping if I move toward fewer cakes and cookies and more breads and healthier muffins, I'll enjoy baking just as much but consume fewer calories as a result :)

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