Friday, May 22, 2009

52 in 52 #19 Socks

I finally finished these socks. I've been working on them since February. They are a gift for Cliff's birthday next week. I'm afraid they'll be too big, but I hope he likes them and will at least wear them for house socks if they don't fit. I CO 80 stitches because that is what was recommended in Sensational Knitted Socks for the pattern I was going to do. After I finished the cuff, I decided to knit them in stockinette instead because it was my first time knitting two at a time on Magic Loop, and I didn't want to complicate things further. Well, I didn't account for the negative ease that the pattern would have had to make the socks more fitted.

Anyway, here they are, on LARGE sock blockers:
Birthday Socks

It occurs to me that we are finishing up week 21 of the year (its Friday May 22) and I'm only on #19. Fortunately, I have another knitting project just about done, and have a couple of small/quick ones in the queue so hopefully I can get caught up.

I took Ethan to the fabric store last weekend so he could pick out his own fabric for his next apron and that should be another quick project.


  1. How did you like ML 2-at-a-time?? I did the same thing my first time, plain stockinette. I'm glad I did, it was one less thing to think about, following a pattern. I was tied up in the cable a few times! But there is no going back for me...I know I'd have lots of single socks around if I did them any other way!

  2. It grew on me after a while, but I don't necessarily love it over other methods. The heels were particularly complicated. I was only using a 40" cable, which I think was too short for men's socks.