Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has sprung!

I'm sorry I've been so quiet, but I've been really sick for more than a week with a nasty cold/crud that apparently is going around. I couldn't even knit! Today I finally feel somewhat normal and I get to spend the next two days working at the yarn shop. Yes! I work a couple days a month at my LYS, Knot Just Yarn. I don't think I've actually mentioned that here before, and I don't know why, but I've been working there for about six months now. This weekend is the annual shop retreat and I get to stay in the shop and hold down the fort.

It is officially the first day of spring, and if it weren't for these:
you'd never know it around here. We've been having weird bouts of snow and rain and wind...yes, I know i live in Washington but the rain and wind like this is usually reserved for November.

I started my first lace project and so far I love it. The yarn is Kauni, and the pattern is the Northern Lights Shawl.
Kauni I don't have enough done yet to really show much, but I'll post a photo when I'm further in. Links to the project on Ravelry are in the sidebar.

My baby turned 5 years old this week, on St. Patrick's Day. This kid is so smart and so full of energy some days I wonder, did I really give birth to him? I knit him a pair of socks for his birthday but he hasn't gotten them yet because his party is on Sunday. I'm sure there will be photos to share.

We have chickens! I've thought about raising chickens for eggs for a while now but we just don't have the room. One day my mom called and said, "what do you think about raising chickens?" The first four lived with us for a couple days so Ethan could handle them and play with them. He even took photos of them:
baby chicks
They've since moved back to my mom's, where they will live permanently. Just this week, she picked up four more, for a total of 8. They are all Barred Rock Hens (hopefully) but we got 8 in the off chance one is a rooster. Mom has been building them a chicken tractor that can easily be moved around the property and garden, and next will come the coop/run with nesting boxes. Come this fall we should have fresh eggs on a regular basis. I am pretty excited because not only do I know exactly where my eggs are coming from, but I can use this as a great educational tool for Ethan. He named the first four and has grown particularly attached to one he named 'star' (she has a little yellow diamond shape on her head).

Happy Spring!

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