Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekend Bounty

Last weekend, we went to visit some family about an hour north of home, at the base of Mount Baker.  They grow blueberries, raspberries, corn, and irises, and raise their own beef. I love going to visit them, not only because its great to see them and catch up, but because it reminds me of my goals and re-focuses my attention on what is important to me.

They sent us home with literally a trunk load of wonderful food and I'm scrambling to get it all put up this week, before it turns. When we got home Sunday evening, we processed what seemed like 50 pounds of corn.

Here is Cliff, cutting kernels off blanched corn, so I can pack it and freeze it.  This was only about 2/3 of what we brought home.

Here is the rest of it, 2 flats of raspberries, about the same amount in blueberries, plus some apples and pears.  So far, I've made raspberry fruit leather, raspberry freezer jam, and blueberry lime jam.  I'm still going to make blueberry syrup, blueberry butter, and blueberry fruit leather.  The rest of the berries will be frozen for baking during the winter.  For now, the apples and pears will be primarily for eating, though we'll be going back to visit in a couple of weeks and picking up our side of beef.  More apples should be ready by then, and there are about 6 trees that don't get picked, so I think we're going to make use of them this year.

I'm working on posts about food preservation and freezing... as soon as I get all this work done, I can finish writing it!  Happy Harvest!

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