Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm on Etsy!

I've been very busy working on my new business and my new Etsy shop the last couple months. I'm very excited to announce the launch of Mystic Farms! I make all natural lotion bars, liquid soaps, and other household products.

Unscented Lotion Bar

As part of my New Year's Resolution, as you may remember, I chose to no longer buy products that contained ingredients I could not pronounce. As a result, I started experimenting making my own liquid soap and lotion bars. In my research, I quickly realized that not a lot of people make liquid soap, and I LOVED making it. Using my family as guinea pigs, I've spent the last few months refining my recipes and coming up with a product I'm thrilled to offer in my shop. I also plan to offer vegetable wash and bug repellent stick and spray, as well as a garden insecticide spray.

Vegetable Wash
I've even created a facebook page for my shop. I've resisted facebook for years, even though it seems like "everyone" is there. If you become a fan, you'll be notified of any local events I participate in as well as updates to my Etsy shop.

My products are 100% natural and contain no synthetic colors, fragrance, preservatives, or petroleum products. I hope you'll take a minute to browse my shop. I'd appreciate your support.

Orange Spice Natural Lotion Stick

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