Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bad blogger!

I'm a bad, bad, blogger! It has been months since I've written anything and there has been lots going on. My excuse was that it was summer and there is always just too much going on in the summer... well, it is November . I suppose that excuse won't fly anymore. In the past week I've had new insulation installed under my house, so it stays nice and toasty(er) now. To go along with that I also had something DIE in my duct work. My house stinks! In an attempt to find out how/where the thing died, we discovered a LOT of water under the house and a leak in the kitchen drain pipe, which is lead. (Did I mention it rained like 6 inches in the last week?). Tuesday I have a guy coming out to clean out the ducts and dispose of the aforementioned dead critter (and hopefully a lot of dust and allergens) and I have to call a plumber. This will be the THIRD time a plumber has had to visit this house this year. I think we're keeping the guy in business. Add a death in the family, a birth in the family, a new job, and deciding to begin homeschooling my son, and my life pretty much feels like chaos right now.

I'll share a couple of photos while I try to regroup and share more details of the last couple of months.

me in kansasWe spent a week in Kansas (my first time) and this is a photo of me in front of the vast, flat, nothing that we encountered on occasion. I'm too used to all the mountains here... it was kinda eerie.

Baby Shower 006 My sister-in-law receiving the baby sweater I made for my first nephew who was born on October 28.

IMG_1544 My grandmother turned 90 years old in September. And yes, there are 90 candles on that cake.

There has been knitting. Quite a bit of knitting actually. I started my Christmas knitting almost a month ago now and I'm moving right along. I made it a bit easier on myself be deciding to give all the kids in the family (4 total) felted clogs. Its a pretty easy pattern. The girls get variations on purple and Ethan gets camo. I'm sure they'll love 'em.

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  1. Christmas knitting?!?!? I guess you have been busy!!! Can't wait to see what you've been up to....